American Kenpo

Guardian Martial Arts offers American Kenpo. This system was developed by Ed Parker in 1956 and is one of the most widely respected martial arts systems practiced today. Known for its dynamic, street-savvy self-defense, American Kenpo is designed to control your opponent’s height, width and depth. Strikes are designed to follow your opponent as he reacts to your defenses.

American Kenpo utilizes hands in 90% of its moves; kicks are below the waist, making it a practical defense for individuals of any age.

Fun, Adaptable, and Dynamic

American Kenpo is designed to suit the individual, not the individual to the art, making it a very fun, adaptable and dynamic martial art. Classes are available for children and adults. Private lessons are also available. With over 20 classes per week, there is a class time for everyone! Guardian Martial Arts always offers a free week of trial classes. A one month Introductory Program is available for $39.00 and includes a free uniform. Call for a class schedule and further information.