Congratulations to all our April Graduates.

Lil’ Dragons
Brayden Baugher; Domenic Blaies; Tyler Bugosh; Milan Down; Cameron Fulton; Jaiden Jones; Leah Kemmerling; Ali Zorkot.

Conner Brugger; Brett Thompson; Julia Zorkot; Razan Zorkot.

Advanced Juniors
See you next month.

Brown Belts & Junior Black Belts
See You Next Month.

Probationary Black Belts
See you next month.

Mahdi Hage; Mohammed Hage.

See You Next Month.

Congratulations to our Tipton Graduate
See You Next Month.

Congratulations to all our ABT Graduates
Juniors: Arielle Simpkins; MacKenzie Waters; Jacinda Williams.

Congratulations to our Bright Futures Graduates
See you next month.

GREAT JOB, STUDENTS! Each step takes you closer to the goal of Black Belt!

Will be on Saturday May 21, 2016. Grading will be at 10:00 a.m. for Junior and Adult students Good luck!