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Looking for Tai Chi Canton MI?

Guardian Martial Arts proudly teaches Tai Chi . Like most Martial Arts schools Canton MI, GMA adheres to many traditional customs, however, we believe that Tai Chi should be a pleasure to attend, for the whole family, as well as the Martial Artist. Discipline is important to us, but a friendly atmosphere is just as crucial.

At Guardian Martial Arts the commitment to our students, and our community doesn’t end at the door. Guardian holds many Tai Chi events throughout the year for students and their families to enjoy, as well as doing Tai Chi Canton MI demonstrations, and services for our community.

Our Tai Chi instructors have a passion for Martial Arts Canton MI. Guardian Instructors believe, “You can’t have enough Martial Arts Canton MI”. Cross training between arts is not only tolerated, it’s recommended! We love to have visitors from other schools share their knowledge with us, and we with them.

Guardian Martial Arts offers American Kenpo Canton MI. This system was developed by Ed Parker in 1956 and is one of the most widely respected martial arts Canton MI systems practiced today. Known for its dynamic, street-savvy self-defense, American Kenpo is designed to control your opponent’s height, width and depth. Strikes are designed to follow your opponent as he reacts to your defenses.

Now at Guardian Martial Arts we offer a CPL Certification class Canton MI taught by trained Tai Chi professionals to train you in the correct safety methods for possesing and handeling a gun in public.

Guardian Martial Arts Specializes in American Kenpo, Pilates, Martial Arts, Self Defense, Fitness and more. Stop by and visit us.

Guardian Martial Arts & Fitness is located at
30942 Ford Road,
Garden City, MI 48135