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Guardian Newsbriefs

Ground Fighting Seminar Set for April 26

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Guardian will be hosting a ground fighting seminar on Tuesday, April 26, 2016. While Kenpo is a stand-up art, fights often end up on the ground. It is always good to be able to handle [...]

We Believe in Community Involvement

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Besides being business owners, we are proud Garden City residents and we believe we have a responsibility to help out in the community, to volunteer and to get involved. We are strong supporters of the [...]

Congratulations to March Graduates

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Lil’ Dragons Brayden Baugher; Tyler Bugosh; Cody Bluebaugh; Neraya Empson; Leah Kemmerling; JJ Koch; Kaden Parker. Juniors Adam Ben-nett; Drake Brown; Leelan Devers; Jessica Gronda. (Advanced Juniors: See you next month) Brown Belts & Junior [...]