Protect what’s important. A family guide to preparing and providing protection for families during emergencies of all kinds.

This 8-week practical class will teach “regular” parents how to protect their families during emergencies families may face in today’s world. Participants will learn basic disaster preparedness from weather disasters to social chaos situations. What to have on hand for survival, creating safe-rooms, and even as important, self-defense to prepare against home intruders will all be topics of study. Easy to use and remember self-defense moves will be taught and practiced each week. Shelby R. Perkins will teach this valuable class.

Mr. Perkins is Senior Chief Instructor and a Fourth Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo. He is co-owner of Guardian Martial Arts & Fitness and is an NRA Certified Instructor. Mr. Perkins also was a manager at a repossession company, adding to his “street savvy.” This eight-week program will be on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-8:45 p.m. Class size will be limited to 10 couples, or 20 students total. The cost is $240.00 for the session. Reserve your space now! GMA families will have first chance to sign-up.